Social implication

After 14 years of existence, the Coop is now deeply rooted in the community.  The Coop works with many neiborhood institutions for local development purposes; like NDG Food Depot, Head and hands, Action Communiterre, Transition NDG.  It is also involved in events that bring NDG residents together to discuss issues that are important to them. 

During the last few years, the Coop actively participated in NDG’s Arts Week erery August, the Earth Day and fund raising events.  The Coop also supports several local projects and organizes organic markets thereby providing local residents with organic, fresh and quality food.


We also do:

Paying it Forward: Suspended Coffee

Since june 2013 the coop is offering the Suspended Coffee. The idea of suspended coffee is simple: you pay for a coffee for someone else who can't, for whatever reason. The number of suspended coffees available will be noted on our blackboard and can be redeemed later by anyone who requests it. To learn more...

Buy Nothing Day 

The Coop is proud to have participatee  to the Buy Nothing Day during 12 years, which takes place at the end of November.  The Buy Nothing Day is a day for us to examine the issue of over-consumption.  In fact, on the Buy Nothing Day, the Coop store opens but nothing is sold.  The Coop takes this opportunity to thank its members by organizing a party with music and food and to celebrate the anniversary of the Coop’s founding (November 25). 

Earth Day

On April 22 of each year, the Coop celebrates Earth Day and invites everyone to reflect on the impact of our behavior and on the power we have to minimize our ecological footprint.  We will be waiting for you next April 22.  There will be music, cakes and crafts.  Even though the Coop celebrates Earth Day on April 22, earth fragility is our everyday preoccupation.