Composting Toilet Multoa 55

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* Fully Automatic
* Closed-system Waterless Composting Toilet
* No Drain or Water required
* Perfect for Home or Cottage
* 3 people full time use
* 4 people part time use
* Convenient Seat Height 19.5 inches (50cm)
* Quiet Operation
* Economical Hydro Consumption (310W)
* Easily Installed
* LED Maintenance Indicator

The closed-system MullToa 55 Waterless Composting Toilet is a fully automatic toilet that anticipates
your every move! Sitting on the toilet seat or lifting the toilet seat opens the trap doors; closing the toilet
seat lid after each use activates the stainless steel mixing mechanism that efficiently breaks down paper
and distributes moisture into the compost material in the upper chamber. LED indicator lamps let you know when to empty the tray. Once a week or as needed, mulch is added through the toilet seat opening. That is it!

Without any water or drain to connect, the MullToa 55 accelerates the natural decomposition process and
evaporates excess moisture. Material in the upper chamber is finished in the lower chamber and eventu ally emptied. Under full time residential use the finished compost is emptied four to five times a year. Under vacation use only once or twice a year!

Using efficient Swedish technology electrical consumption is very low. When at Home or at the Cottage
the MullToa 55 uses approximately 64 watts per person per hour (averaged over a 24 hour period). When
you are away for more than two days, just shut it off! It does not use any electricity when you are away.

The MullToa 55 does not require space under the building as the whole unit is “above floor” and is easily
installed in about 3 hours.

The MullToa 55 comes with Mulch, a standard vent installation kit (approximately 8 ft interior vent pipe, 4ft exterior vent pipe, insulation, roof flashing, insect netting), and manual mixing rake. Additional Vent pipe, 45º Elbows and Mulch are available separately.

Specifications & Measurements:
Capacity (based on 5 toilet uses/person/day): 3 people full time, 4 people part time (up to 5 days in a row)

Dimensions: H 26in x W 22in x D 28in (H 66cm x W 55cm x D 71cm)
Floor space required (to allow compost tray to be emptied): W 22in x D 44in (W55cm x 110cm)
Seat height: 19.5in (50 cm)
Electrica l Requirements: 120V, 60Hz, 310W max
Shipping Information/Toilet Carton: D 30in x W 23in x H27in ; 80lb

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