Outdoor Markets!

Summer schedule

Jardins d'en Haut

Mylaine and her crew are back again! This small farm in Covey Hill uses horsepower to plow their land and transport their maple harvest. They will be in front of the Coop every Wednesday from 4pm to 7pm, starting June 20th. You can also purchase a prepaid card to save on your market shopping while supporting the farm's activities!

Ferme de l'Île 

Formerly known as Ferme BioCyclette, the Ferme de l'Ile is a certified organic vegetable farm located in Senneville, on the western end of Montreal Island.  Starting June 14th, every Thursday from 2:30 to 6:30 PM, they set up a market stand in front of the Coop.  They also prepare organic vegetable baskets.  For more information, we invite you to contact them directly.

Ferme Terra Mille Folia

Meet Andreas and Sophie, the passionate farmers of Terra Millefolia farm on Ile Bizard, Montréal. They will come every Saturday from 10am to 1pm (starting June 30th) with a choice of fresh veggies and aromatic herbs. Complements (honey, eggs, etc...) will also be available on demand. Bring your own bags and containers for a zero-waste market! Purchase a prepaid card to save from 5 to 10%. Its also the most flexible way to support your local farmer!

For several years the Co-op has been working to develop relationships with local farmers and to support agricultural development in our community. Three of them will be putting their food kiosks in front of the Co-op this summer to provide a local market in our neighbourhood. We’re hoping this will create some momentum for our farmers and foster the community spirit we often miss.

Working with and supporting local organic farmers is something we don’t see enough of in our fine city, even though the tradition dates back many decades. The Co-op is truly proud to keep this valued relationship and connectedness to our food alive. If you or someone you love runs an organic (even uncertified) farm, there is an open spot in our market rotation (Friday afternoons). We also are always looking for even more fresh local products to sell in the store, so if you're staring at a bin of market surplus, trying to find a place to sell your veggies for the summer or have a hot tip on a farm we should work with, give us a call or shoot Amie an email at commandes@cooplamaisonverte.com

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