It's super easy! Just 10$ a year to get 5% off on food and 10% off on bulk products.

Come by the store to fill out a form today, or download it online! You can also download our information flyer for new members

To be a member:

For only 10$ a year members get : 10% discount on bulk food, coffee and detergents, 5% discount on food and beer, monthly specials that can go up to 35% off certain products, and a vote at the general assembly.


Becoming a member of the Coop is as easy as filling out the membership form that you will find here in the store, return it duly signed to the Coop, pay your share, and that's it!  You are now a member of the Coop!

The Coop members are entitled to discounts ranging between 5 and 10% on food, personal care and bulk products.  They are also entitled to monthly discounts on selected products, discounts that can represent savings of up to 35%.

More importantly, when you become a member, you become co-owner of the Coop.  You have the right to participate and to vote at the annual general meetings and to serve on the Board of Directors thus actively participating in the democratic life of the Coop.

Categories of Membership

User Membership ($10 annual fee)

Anyone, no matter how old you are, can become a user member of the Coop.  A user membership share is exclusive and cannot be transferred to anyone, except in extreme circumstances.  There are three seats on our Board of Directors for User Members.


Family Membership  ($20 = two social shares)

The Family Membership is a special membership for families with the purchase of at least two social shares.  This category allows a maximum of four persons living under the same roof to use the same user membership number.  Nevertheless, only one member of the family group can serve on the Board of Directors and attend general meetings.  The Family Membership is a lifetime membership with a $10 annual fee.


Worker Membership

After six months working at the Coop, an employee can request to be granted a Worker Membership.  Those working at the Coop contribute to the good performance of the store, giving more than just a normal customer service.  In exchange, they can benefit from several advantages.  There are three seats on our Board of Directors for Worker Members.

At the Annual General Meetinin of October 2006, members decided to apply a $10 annual fee to this category.  It was implemented on January 2, 2013.


Support Membership  ($100 = minimum of 10 social shares)

Support Membership is made available for those who have a special interest in promoting the community social and economical development through the Coop.  A support member can give access to the benefits he or she has to three additional persons.  Nevertheless, only one person in the group can serve on the Board of Directors or attend general meetings.  There are three seats on our Board of Directors for Support Members.