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posted by coop on Tuesday, September 03 2013.

The Coop is proud to have obtained l'Écocertification des Entreprises de L'IEE  - Institute for Green Business Certification (IGBC), Canada

posted by coop on Friday, July 26 2013.

Finally we have burritos at the coop!

You can now eat a delicious vegan burrito with your coffee. Our burritos are prepared by the Montreal Burrito Project whose mission is to provide free quality vegan food for the poor and homeless of Montreal. For each burrito sold, three dollars will be used to fund their mission.

All deliveries are made by bicycle and on foot! We also have jamaican patty from Island organic.

posted by coop on Thursday, February 28 2013.

The Coop not only offers organic and bulk products. It also creates partnerships with local artisans to provide its members with ideas for high quality gifts for all occasions, made in Quebec. Come and see our out of the ordinary gifts, which are mainly made of recycled material. Ecological gifts that help local development. Everybody wins!


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