Winter weather is hard on your skin, it's time to fight back!

A Québec winter can mean dry, itchy, red or cracked skin. Time to fight back with high-quality, all-natural products whose ingredients don't read like a chemistry set. It's also a moment when we might need a little extra pampering--what better time to take a nice hot bath and relax? We're offering a brand-new selection of products just for you: call it the self-care section. 
We'd like to introduce you to some of our self-care suppliers:

La Vie Nourrie
Natalie Lavers is a local NDG-er, active Co-op member, and holistic nutrition consultant. Her commitment to natural, healthy, and body-nourishing products is evident in everything she does - from these bath bombs to her nutrition workshops. Her bath bombs are made from high-quality natural ingredients and will transform any bath into a relaxing retreat.
Products we carry: Rose petal bath bombs
Duckish is owned and operated by Carolyn Crewe and Josh Beitel, partners in life and in business. It all started when Carloyn became an aunt, and realized that so many baby products are filled with harsh chemicals. After creating a line for babies, she expanded to adults and started whipping up treatments for her own eczema-prone skin. Now, as a company, they use 100% natural ingredients and all of their products are handmade in beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are committed to making products that are truly "natural," meaning they mean both “from nature” and “safe.”
Products we carry: Bath Salts, Lotion Sticks (for on the go!), and Body Butters in a variety of scents.

You may know Amie from here at the coop, but you probably don't know about her apartment's very old plumbing. Sick of clogging her pipes and staining the tub with her usual go-to scrubs (coffee grounds, coconut oil and oats), she stitched together a 100% cotton bag containing organic Québec-grown oats, a small amount of organic raw coconut oil and soap shavings. The fabric acts as a washcloth to gently exfoliate, while the ingredients tucked inside cleanse, moisturize and soothe your winter-damaged skin, without risking your pipes or making a mess. Feel free to float the sachet in the tub, or use it as a washcloth in the shower. Best of all, the entire product is compostable after an average of 8 uses (wring it out well after each use and hang to dry). You can also undo the small hand-stitched seam in the corner to empty the sachet's contents after use and refill it with your own mixtures. 

Nova Scotia Fishermen
In 2000, Nova Scotia Fisherman was started by Uncle Perly and Nephew Les to create a 100% natural skin care line centered on one amazing ingredient, Nova Scotia Sea Kelp. Nova Scotia Sea Kelp, harvested off the pristine shores, Nova Scotia Kelp (Fucus Vesiculosus ) has amazing anti-aging properties and soothes dry skin. They didn't stop at creating amazing products, they also were on a mission to provide quality employment in rural Nova Scotia. Inspired by their community, environment and the people they serve, Les and Uncle Perley have worked hard to produce a quality all natural line that doesn't compromise on people or the environment.
Products we carry: Salt~N~Sea Body Scrub, Fundy Clay and Mint Soap, Seabuckhorn & Shea Soap, and Sea Fennel and Bayberry Soap

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