Dear members--we're shooting the moon!

image is the Coop's front window, with kid's toys and hanging floral origami, looking out on a rainy street at night

WOW! We are so thrilled and grateful and goggle-eyed at you, our spectacular community, and the show of support we have received since starting this campaign. As many of you know, we hit our 18K objective last Wednesday evening. That means we'll get to keep all of the funds raised (Ulule uses an all-or-nothing protocol with fundraising, meaning that projects who don't hit their objective don't receive any funds) and will be able to pay down debts to our suppliersrefill some sad shelves and bring back some of your (and our) favourite products. That's all thanks to you!

Watching that funny Ulule egg explode with donations, even after we hit our goal (including a very generous 1000$ donation from our city councillor Peter McQueen!!) we decided to shoot the moon and try for 150% of our goal. There's still four days to go, including our doorbuster hullabaloo of a shindig this Friday the 23rd (!) Let's make the most of them! These extra funds will go towards : 

  • New bulk bins and replacement parts (est. total : 2700$)
  • Additional shelving for dry goods and for the fridges (est. total 500$)
  • An equipment repair fund (est. total 2000$)
  • Revamping and adding extra items to our café menu (est. total 300$)
  • Paying down the produce fridge currently in store (est. total : 3400$)

A reminder : we can only accept cheques until June 22nd as they have to be manually entered by the hardworking Ulule team. Online donations can still be made securely in-store on our fabulous glittery Sociofinancement Laptop, or from the comfort of your home device, until midnight on the 24th. 

Once more, from our very grateful Coop hearts, we thank you for your donations, for your social media shares, for your encouragement on the days when the ticker didn't move and the Dread tapped us on the shoulder. Thank you! Please come eat cake and drink a nice crisp Brasserie Dunham microbrew with us on the 23rd! (That's right, your donations made St. Jean's come early!) Thank you! Thank you! Oh goodness, thank you!

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