Up to 10% off all your purchases!

Want additional discounts at the coop of up to 10%? It's easy as pie. All you'll need is a fidelity account here at the coop. What's a fidelity account, you ask? You advance a certain amount of cash to the coop and we add a percentage to your account based on the amount invested. For example, if you give the coop 500$, your account will be credited 550$.

It's a way to support the coop by injecting some cash flow, yet by the same token you save on your grocery purchases. Everybody wins! It's also a practical solution for families—your children can shop without having to carry cash, provided you have a family account. Investing in the coop means investing in the community.
You'd rather invest in a different way? The coop is always open to new investors. For more information, check this link.



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