posted by coop on Friday, December 19 2014.


posted by coop on Tuesday, November 05 2013.

Staying warm at a low price while helping a company with a social mission is a great gift for to yourself and others!

Once again this year, we’re working with Bolilaine and Rien ne se perd tout se crée. Come see our new shipment of hats, mittens, gloves, leggings and scarves.


posted by coop on Tuesday, November 05 2013.

This year at the Co-op, you'll find plenty of original and locally made gifts for your loved ones.

The Co-op strives to find local artisans who work with recycled or eco-friendly materials. We have belts made of recycled car seat belts and bicycle tires, jewelry, necklaces, winter clothing, ceramics, gift baskets and much more. Encouraging local craftspeople is a winning formula!