posted by coop on Wednesday, January 28 2015.
jardins ecoumène

Think it's too early to start buying seeds? Think again! Be the first to get your seeds in order to design the best plan for your garden this season. You can browse the full  Jardins de l'Ecoumène catalogue at the store and then make your selection (we have nearly all of them in stock!) 

posted by coop on Tuesday, January 20 2015.

You've asked for more snacks at the Co-op, and your request has been answered with the addition of products from 'Way Better Snacks'. 
What do you get when you add sprouted whole grains & seeds to a corn tortilla chip? A Way Better Snack! We now carry Black Bean, Multi-Grain and Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips from this new brand. 

Here is a list of the other new products we have in store:

posted by coop on Tuesday, January 13 2015.

• Healthy Times baby biscuits $3.70, regular price $4.15

• Thompson Raisins 885g $7.30, regular price $9.20

•  Smooth and crunch peanut butter, $6.75$, regular price  $7.50

• 30% reduction on Bolilaine winter products